We, SACRRA, the South African Credit & Risk Reporting Association, are a not-for-profit voluntary association of members who share credit and risk performance data of their customers. We aim to give our members control of their data for them to comply with existing legislation and enable them to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. Credit and risk data, also known as payment profile, is applied in all stages of the customer life cycle allowing our members greater insight into their customers guarding them against undue risk and promoting sustainable business growth.
We provide the framework to facilitate the sharing of complete and accurate credit and risk data at our Associate Member credit bureaus enabling our members to comply with credit information sharing provisions of the National Credit Act (NCA) as well as the provisions for performing credit and risk assessments and affordability calculations.
Our members include credit providers, financial service providers, retailers, service providers, cellular companies, insurance companies, subscription companies and marketing companies.
We play an important role in driving the focus of comprehensive real-time credit profiles and overall data quality. Our traditional data sharing principle of reciprocity that has been the foundation of our Association since inception will be adapted to meet the requirements of legislation.
Our scope has been expanded to include the sharing of business credit and risk data and developing equivalent associations in the SADC region which is in support of FinMark Trust’s programs; “Making Access Possible” and “Regional Integration”.