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Octagon Business Solutions delivers world-class, business critical systems.

Enterprise Custom Software Solutions

Established in 1997, our company's proven ability to deliver information technology systems on time and within budget has created a loyal and growing client base in South Africa and internationally.

We are an enterprise solutions company, delivering a complete service ranging from consulting, business analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance and enhancement. Our capability is focused on identifying and solving the real business problem, using the most advanced business and technology practice. This practice combines best product with superb integration skills, taking our clients to new levels of business performance.



Our Team


Octagon Business Solutions is dedicated to delivering working systems to solve real business problems. Our people are highly skilled and experienced IT professionals, resolved to helping our clients realise their business potential.

Our solutions are designed to meet our clients' unique requirements. And raise their business practice to new levels.

Understanding the technologies with which we work also requires a fundamental understanding of their application in the business environments in which we offer our services.



Our Clients


We believe in partnerships with our clients. This is illustrated by the long-term strategic relationships that we have formed with leading companies over time.

Our clients are prominent organisations where business systems are fundamental to success. Where competitive advantage depends on the successful application of technology to achieve business objectives. Adding value to the process, we incorporate specialist industry knowledge into the systems that we deliver, paving the way for new opportunities for our clients.
- Credit Guarantee
- National Brand Limited
- Credit Underwriting Agency
- PIC Solutions
- Compagnie Generale de Chauffe Informatique (France)
- Standard Bank
- I-Net Bridge
- Truworths
- First National Bank
- Dow Jones Telerate (Bridge)
- World Wide Solutions Gateway
- Mercantile Bank
- DST International
- Q-Vector
- BOE Bank
- Johannesburg Stock Exchange
- PQ-Africa
- DG Bank (Germany)
- KreditInform
- Teljoy Cellular
- Joshua Door Group
- Experian
- TIBCO (Europe)
- Wizard Financial Services