Loan Management System

Loan Management System

Keep your finger on the pulse with our Loan Management System. No more spreadsheets to keep track of all your loans.

Instantly know who owes you what

Industries LMS is geared for


LMS is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of organisations with Installment Debtors



LMS is a complete multi-user loan management system.

It is used to control the day to day transactions as well as offer comprehensive management information. The system can be used by banking institutions, micro-lenders, financiers as well as retail institutions using installment sale type transactions eg. furniture companies, computer companies, etc.

The system is designed to cater for the tracking of a deal from the quoting stage right through to the settlement or natural expiry. It handles all the unique requirements of this industry such as repossessions, electronic payments, structured collections, readvances etc. All these transactions are summarised into meaningful management and accounting information. LMS is designed for ease of use by front line staff, customer service staff and management.


In order to have the best experience, use Frontier as your origination and credit vetting system that will automatically integrate with LMS, reducing unnecessary data capture. This is a powerful from start to finish credit risk solution.


LMS Features