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credit office

Octagon provides solutions to major issues facing SMME companies that extend credit to consumers and to other businesses

Easy and affordable access in one solution to pull Bureau and Deeds Office reports, list or trace non-payers and more

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Access to the three major Credit Bureaus

To download the Credit Office application form, click the link below.



  1. Experian - Online
    Comprehensive online commercial credit reporting which includes Company and Director Search, Full Kredit search Report, Court Records and Statutory Reports from the leading commercial Credit Bureau in South Africa. SEARCH FOR COMPANIES, CC's, TRUSTS or ANY LEGAL ENTITY
  2. TransUnion , Experian or XDS
    Consumer Credit Information. Comprehensive online credit reporting from all the major consumer Credit Bureau's in South Africa. National Loans Register info available to MFRC subscribers.CREDIT INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - TAKE THE RISK OUT OF YOUR DEAL
  3. CollectIT and TraceIT
    Unique tools for tracking and tracing and collecting on your bad debts. LOOK AFTER YOUR BAD DEBTS - TURN THE PAIN TO FINANCIAL GAIN
  4. SARS
    VAT Number Validation Services and VAT Number Search Services. COMPLY WITH VAT NUMBER REGULATIONS
  5. SMS
    Built in SMS functionality allowing the User to send one message to many users or many messages to one user at discounted rates. THE CONVENIENT BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TOOL OF TODAY


Company Credit Limits

A pre defined credit limit can be set for each subscriber

Individual Credit Limits

A credit limit can be set for each individual user

User verification

Each user is verified by SPOC (Secure Point Of Contact) before connection is permitted

Secure reports

No report can be altered by a user in any way

Audit trail

A detailed audit trial is logged on SPOC (Secure Point Of Contact) for each user

Access levels per User

Multiple users can be given user defined right to only the areas of Credit Office you select

Ease of Use

Only use what you need

Help files

Built-in and online help files are available

 Online Training

Online Training as an add on feature, customisable


All reports may be printed/ and/or/ e-mailed

Auto connectivity

Automatically dial up to SPOC (Secure Point Of Contact) when a user clicks on the submit button

Remote upgrading

Credit Office automatically checks for and downloads programme updates


Credit Office ships with its own database so that previous enquiries are kept on the system*

User Internal Reference

Credit Office allows users to input a unique reference number so that you can track on whose behalf a search was done.




TEL: 0861 482 482


TEL: 011 645 9100


TEL: 0861 105 665