Manual and Batch Services


We offer Manual and Batch Services including Account Verification and ID Verification as well as  Final Demand & Default Listing services.

Making Credit Decisions Easier For You

Account Verification

and ID Verification

This new addition to our range of services allows you to verify bank account details such as does the account accept debits, is the signatory valid, how long has the account been opened, is there any fraudulent activity, all of this to allow you peace of mind when accepting cheques of debit order details from your customers.

Identification details such as the validity of an ID number does it match the name & surname, is the ID registered dead or alive is there any fraud? we can answer these questions.

Single enquiries or batch uploads are managed manually through our Credit Office.

For more information on how to use the service contact us on 011 847 9200 or email:

Final Demand & Default Listing services


Octagon are a registered reseller for the credit bureaus and as such can facilitate final demand letters to your default debtors and do the default listing to the credit bureau.

In terms of the NCA a defaulting debtor must be given a final demand to pay outstanding debts and to be notified that failure to do so will result in a default listing on the credit bureau which will reflect on their names for a period of 2 years.

Final demand letters, default listings credit bureau enquiries, tracing of defaulters are all services we perform on a daily basis.
For more information on how to use the service contact us on 011 847 9200 or email:
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