On top of our world-class solutions that we offer to SMMEs and Enterprise customers, we also offer stand-alone services fulfilling mission-critical business processes.


Service offerings


  1. Criminal Record Searches
    It is vital for companies, parastatels and financial institutions to use a system like this where they can check if a customer or prospective employee has a criminal record. Octagon offers their clients Criminal Clearance services with the option of coming to their offices in Midrand or at the convenience of the clients workplace we bring everything necessary.
  2. Tracing Services
    We offer a no pay no trace service along with some innovative solutions that afford our clients of an economical service that keeps them coming back. Our vast access to data and various data sources allows us to be both fast and efficient, we offer a cost effective solution to companies big and small.
  3. Software Development
    We are an enterprise solutions company, delivering a complete service ranging from consulting, business analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance and enhancement. Our capability is focused on identifying and solving the real business problem, using the most advanced business and technology practice. This practice combines best product with superb integration skills, taking our clients to new levels of business performance.
  4. Manual and Batch Services
    Our manual and batch services comprise of Account and ID verification, as well as Final Demand and Default Listing services through Babuya Tracing. These services are invaluable when dealing with other businesses.


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